Steps to Integrate Zoom with LTI Consumer in Open edX Studio

Tip: Make sure you have logged in to the Open edX Studio before proceeding with the article. 

  • Create a Zoom account & go to Zoom market place and install LTI Pro app
  • Inside LTI pro app, click Create new credential, name it anything i.e edx_demo (keep this page open)
  • Scroll down to option Email Attribute Name and enter value instructor_email
  • Go to studio -> Create new course or existing course -> Advanced Settings 
  • Scroll down to LTI Passports option and the following key "zoom:LTI KEY:LTI SECRET KEY"

Note: These key’s values can be copied from Zoom credentials page which we opened on step 2.

  • Click course Section -> sub-section -> unit -> Problem -> Advanced -> LTI Consumer
    • Edit of LTI Consumer xblock
    • Enter your desired name and following details.
    • LTI ID -> zoom
    • LTI URL -> Copy from page, step 2
    • Custom Parameters -> ["instructor_email=your_zoom_account_email_id"]
    • click save
  • From the studio open Zoom menu and setup meeting details & schedule details.
  • Once you save click the Zoom menu should open in a new tab, if it doesn’t you can open by clicking the highlighted anchor as shown below.
  • This will take you to the Zoom menu, where you can schedule meetings.
  • Adjust details as per your requirements.