Setting Up Certificates in Studio

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Using Studio, you create and manage the certificates that learners can earn in your course.

By default, Studio automatically generates certificates when a learner has achieved a passing score in both self-paced and instructor-paced courses.

  • For self-paced courses, certificates are available immediately after Studio generates them.
  • For instructor-paced courses, certificates become available 48 hours after your course end date by default. You can also specify a different date to make certificates available. 

When certificates become available to learners, a link to the certificate is visible on the learner dashboard and the Progress page.

Create a Certificate

To create a certificate for your course, follow these steps:

  • In Studio, from the Settings menu, select Certificates.

  • On the Certificates page, select Add your first certificate or Add a new certificate.

  • Add a signatory for each person associated with the course or organization whose name and title you want to appear on the certificate. You must specify at least one signatory. You can add as many signatories as needed.

  • For verified certificates, upload an image file showing the signature of each signatory.

Note: The image file must be a transparent .png file, 450px by 150px.

  • When you have finished creating your certificate, select Create. You can preview the certificate to see how it will appear to a learner taking the course in the selected mode.

Note: Your course certificate is not available for issuing to learners until it is activated.

Edit a Certificate

You can edit certificates before and after they are activated.

Note: Only course team members with the Staff or Admin role can edit activated certificates.


As a best practice, do not make changes to certificates in a running course if it is possible that certificates have already been issued to learners, because different learners might be awarded certificates with different details for the same course.

If you must edit an activated certificate, you should deactivate the certificate before making changes to it.

To edit a certificate, follow these steps:

  • In Studio, from the Settings menu, select Certificates.
  • On the Certificates page, at the top of the certificate form, select the Edit icon.

  • When you have finished editing the certificate, select Save. Once you have saved, you can preview the certificate to make sure it appears as you want it to. You will need to activate the certificate before certificates can be issued.

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