Setting the course card Image for your course

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A broken image appears in the LMS dashboard when a Course Card Image has not been set in Studio by the Studio Admin User. Course card image also helps the learners to easily distinguish between the courses.

It is important to note that the Course Card has to be set separately in WordPress and in the LMS.  

In order to add a missing/broken Course Card Image in the LMS, follow these steps:

First login to studio, navigate to the relevant course and then click on Settings in the upper navigation bar and choose Schedule & Details from the dropdown menu.

Scroll down and set the Course Card Image by pasting the web link of the image in the textbox as highlighted in the Course Card Image section.

Note: The web link of the image can be obtained from the Files & Uploads section in the Content dropdown menu if you have already uploaded image in the Files & Uploads area. Click on the Upload Course Card Image button if you have not already uploaded the image in Files & Uploads.

Go to the LMS site and check out your course in the LMS dashboard to see the course card image with the course.

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