How to View/Edit Pages

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In this section, you will be able to view All Pages that you have created for your Discovery website. This includes Published pages as well as Drafts for any pages that you have not published so far.

You can perform Bulk Actions i.e. Edit or Delete all pages on your website with a single click.

In order to Edit multiple pages at once, you will click on Apply after selecting the desired pages, it will open the following page:

On this page, you will be able to: change the page author; change the parent page; change the template; allow or disallow comments; and change the status (i.e. Published, Private, Pending Review, Draft) of the selected pages. All changes made on this page can be made permanent by clicking on the blue Update button.

In addition to the Bulk Edit option, you can also use the Edit with Elementor option to edit each page and its elements individually.

After clicking Edit with Elementor, you will be taken to the Elementor Plugin where you can find a multitude of widgets that enable you to edit the selected page and the elements on it. 

Since Edly uses Elementor Pro, you will have access to a number of features that are not a part of the Elementor Free plugin. You can find complete documentation on Elementor Pro here.

You can also Filter pages on the basis of Date.

The Search Pages box on the top right corner of the page allows you to search through all pages on your website with a keyword.

You can add new pages to your Discovery website by clicking the Add New button under the Pages heading on your WordPress Administration Panel.

All new pages will remain available as Drafts for as long as you do not Publish them. The Publish button on the right side of the page will allow you to view your page on the user end of your WordPress website.

After clicking on the Publish button, you will see a notification above the Page Title column and the Publish button will be replaced with an Update button. You can view the published page on the user end by clicking on the View Page hyperlink.

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