Navigate in your WordPress Dashboard

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Here is your WordPress dashboard’s homepage from where you can access all settings and functions of your website. You can explore different functions offered by the platform from the left side menu bar.

Monitor recent activity on your dashboard in the Recently Edited section, get to know what’s changing about WordPress from News & Updates and make a Quick Draft for any future post on your WordPress site.

Your WordPress Websites

My Sites, as the name suggests, is a repository of all the websites but currently our product provides only one WordPress site per Learning Management System (LMS) therefore you will see a single template, representing your discovery site. 

In the template “Trial2”, you will see two options: visit and dashboard.

The Visit button takes you to your live WordPress website where you can see how it appears to website visitors. The Dashboard button takes you back to the administration dashboard.

Hover over the ‘home’ icon in the top navigation bar and it will show a dropdown menu with ‘Visit Site‘ written on it. This also takes you to your website to give a preview of how it looks.

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