Steps to integrate Zoom via LTI consumer

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  1. Create a zoom account & go to zoom market place and install LTI Pro app
  2. Inside LTI pro app, click Create new credential, name it anything i.e edx_demo (keep this page open)
  3. Scroll down to option Email Attribute Name and enter value instructor_email
  4. Go to studio -> Create new course or existing course -> Advanced Settings 
  5. Scroll down to LTI Passports option and the following key “zoom:LTI KEY:LTI SECRET KEY”
    Note these key’s values can be copied from zoom credentials page which we opened on step 2
  6. Click course Section -> sub-section -> unit -> Problem -> Advanced -> LTI Consumer
    1. Edit of LTI Consumer xblock
    2. Enter your desired name and following details.
    3. LTI ID -> zoom
    4. LTI URL -> Copy from page, step 2
    5. Custom Parameters -> [“instructor_email=your_zoom_account_email_id”]
    6. click save
  1. From the studio open zoom menu and setup meeting details & schedule details.
  2. Once you save click the Zoom menu should open in a new tab, if it doesn’t you can open by clicking the highlighted anchor as shown below.

This will take you to the zoom menu, where you can schedule meetings.

Adjust details as per your requirements.

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