How To Enable Badgr and Add a Badge For The Course?


EdX, a popular online learning platform, offers a range of features to enhance the learning experience. One such feature is Badgr, a badge-issuing system that allows instructors to recognize and reward learners for their achievements. In this guide, we'll walk through the steps to enable Badgr and add a badge for your edX course.

Login and enter account credentials

  • Sign up or log in at
  • Go to the issuer tab select badge and copy the issuer slug from the URL.

  • Go to the panel frontend → settings → Integrations
  • In the Badger Issuer Slug field enter the copied issuer slug 
  • Enter your account email and password in the "Badgr Username and password" fields and click save.



Add a badge for the course

Once the credentials are added, the Add Badgr fields will become visible.


  • Enter your course key and the mode of your course.

  • For Badgr Server Slug go to the issuer page of

  • Click on the badge you want to use


 View JSON

  • Copy Badgr Server Slug "id": "", and enter in the Badgr Server Slug field and save. 



  • The badger feature will now be activated for that specific course.