How to add OneNote LTI in Edly as instructor

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The following are the steps to use OneNote LTI in Edly.

Step 1:

Go to OneNote LTI and click on Your LMS Registration. 

Step 2:

Login with your Office 365 account, enter a Name and Click Register. 

Step 3:

Copy the Consumer Key and Shared in Secret and keep them safe.

Step 4:

Login to Edly panel and navigate to Studio.

Step 5:

Select the desired course in which you want to add OneNote.

Navigate to course Settings -> Advanced Settings.  

Add “lti_consumer” in the Advanced Module List.

Scroll down to LTI Passports and create a LTI passport.

A passport consists of LTI_ID:LTI_KEY:LTI_SECRET

The LTI KEY is the value of Consumer Key and LTI SECRET is the value of Shared in Secret (copied in step 3).

Set LTI ID as: onenote

Click on Save.

Step 6:

Add a new unit in the course of type Problems → Advanced Problems → LTI Consumer

Click on the Edit button and enter the following:

Click on Save.

Step 7:

Once you have added the LTI settings. The OneNote window will appear and you will have to login with Microsoft if not already logged in.

After that, enter Name of the class notebook and click on Next.

Follow the setup tour and finally click Create.

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