How to add Courses in E-commerce and mark them Paid

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Step 01:

Create a Course in studio.

Step 02:

Open a course and copy this URL

Step 03:

Go to the edly panel and open the Ecommerce Site

Step 04:

Add a new Course in Ecommerce Site

Step 05:

Paste Copied URL from studio in the Course ID. Put Course Name and choose Professional Education Course Type. Also put course Price and select “Yes” if ID Verification is required then Create Course.

You can edit the course information once it is created

Step 06:

Go to the WordPress admin Panel, open courses and click on Add New Course

Step 07:

Import the course from the Edly Import Course from Studio by entering the course name and publish it.

Now the course is available on discovery site in the Courses Page

Open the course and click on Purchase Course button. Course could be purchased with subscription by clicking Purchase Course With

Course is now available on site only in Paid Version. User have to purchase it first, then course content & certificate will be visible to him.

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