Creating and Using Content Libraries in Open edX Course

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Content libraries are a pool of components e.g. HTML, Problem types, and Video which are then used in Randomized assignments in your course.

To create a library, follow the following steps:

  • On Studio Home page, click New Library button to create a new library.

  • Enter the required information to create a new library, and select Create.

  • To add content in the library, select the components you want to add in the library. Adding content in library is similar to adding content in the course.

You can import/export libraries same as you can import/export course.

You can also provide a team provide access to libraries from User Access button in Settings drop down.

To use the content libraries in the course, follow the following steps to use the libraries in Randomized Content Blocks.

  • To enable content libraries in the course, click Advanced Settings in Settings drop down within the course.

  • Enter the module name library_content to be used in the course and click on Save Changes button.

  • After adding the module name, click on Advanced tab in the course unit in Add New Component area, and select the Randomized Content Block.

  • In the Randomized Content Block, select library and enter the number of components to display to each student in Counts field. You can also select the types of problems to display from Problem Type dropdown. After adding all the information, click on Save button.

In this unit of the course, random questions will be displayed to the students from the selected library.

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