An Introduction to Elementor Pro

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Elementor Pro is an extension of Elementor that allows you to design visually powerful pages through professional tools.

Elementor has a user-friendly editor on WordPress that allows you to create pages faster with many pre-designed templates and blocks that you can explore and utilize while designing your website pages. 

Elementor Pro provides advanced tools with more features. These features include:

Theme Builder:

  1. Customize your theme, including header & footer
  2. Design your blog posts
  3. Build modern, visually rich, and dynamic websites
  4. Customize your website without code


  1. Professional widgets and features. 
  2. Premium media widgets
  3. Complete set of social media widgets
  4. Menu widget, search bar, and more
  5. Comprehensive single post widgets
  6. Marketing & conversion widgets

Basic Widgets:

Pro Widgets:

General Widgets:

Edly Widgets:

How widgets can be used? Click here.

Form Builder:

  1. Builds engaging forms with visually appealing design 
  2. Integrates marketing tools 
  3. Advanced form fields with many options
  4. Spam filter and security features

Posts and Portfolio:

  1. Advanced post-filtering
  2. Elegant portfolio and card skins
  3. Can work on any custom post type
  4. Numerous grid layout and style options

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