Add BBB as Advance component

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  • Sign in to Studio as Staff/Admin
  • Click on the course in which you need to add BigBlueButton component

  • After clicking on the course, it will redirect you to this page from where you need to click on settings and then Advanced Settings

  • In Advanced Settings, scroll down to LTI Passports and insert this in double quotes
    Which is basically “id:client_key:client_secret”
    You can ONLY change ID as you like e.g BBBcomponent or BBBtest
    Save the ID as it would be used later 
  • Save your work

  • Go back to your course by clicking on this button

  • Add a New Unit to your course

  • Click on the Problem component.
  • In the Problem Advanced Tab, click on ‘LTI Consumer’

  • A new LTI Consumer component will appear. Click on Edit

  • Change the Display name accordingly. This would be the title of the Unit
  • Insert the LTI ID previously inserted, which is “testBBB” in our case.

  • Scroll down to LTI Launch Target and select “New Window”

  • Save your work
  • If everything is done correctly, this should appear once you open the course as learner

  • Click on join the class and BigBlueButton will run in a new window

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