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Under this section, you will be able to view the Saved Templates that can be used to change the visual design of any page or section of your WordPress website.

You can Import Templates by uploading an Elementor template JSON file or a .zip archive of Elementor templates, and add them to the list of templates available in your library.

In addition to viewing the Template as a whole, you can also view the templates for each Page or Section.

You can perform Bulk Actions i.e. Edit, Delete, or Export all templates with a single click.

In order to Edit multiple templates at once, you will click on Apply after selecting the desired templates, it will open the following page:

On this page, you will be able to: add or remove categories; change the template author; change the template group; and change the status (i.e. Published, Private, Pending Review, Draft) of the selected templates. All changes made on this page can be made permanent by clicking on the blue Update button.

You can also Filter templates on the basis of Date or Category

The Search Template box on the top right corner of the page allows you to search through all templates with a keyword.

You can also add Popups to your sites. Popups in Elementor are built just like any other templates and you no longer need to add any WordPress popup plugin. To add Popups, first click on the Popups button under the Templates heading on your WordPress Administration Panel then click on Add New Popup  to add a popup to your site. 

You can add new templates to be used in your Discovery website by clicking the Add New button under the Templates heading on your WordPress Administration Panel.

The Categories button will allow you to add new categories for your templates as well as search existing categories according to which your templates are categorized.

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